Java File Handling example

Java File Handling example

This is a simple sample program that reads one file and writes another..

Please feel free to copy it.


Wilkinson Gillette?


I bought ten blades and the razor from eBay for £5. The first shave was pretty good, a little rough maybe, but worth continuing with. The razor, though very similar to I had given up on, holds the blade at at good angle and is easy to use. For £5 including the blades, I don’t feel cheated!

Flying Eagle – a terrible blade!


I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting much, but this blade is possibly the worst one I have ever used! I shaved half my face, it felt like I was using a sharpened scrap of metal. I then switched to a favourite Astra Platinum, and couldn’t believe the difference, so smooth. Don’t waste your time on the Flying Eagle!

Rainbow Blade


Sorry, I don’t know anything about this blade, but I can tell you that it was rough! I shaved once with it, and didn’t want to shave a second time using it.

Derby Extra

Another blade from the multi-pack I bought.

Got two shaves out of it by turning the blade over. Gave up on the third shave! Really not recommended. And yes, the photo is upside down!

Lord Racer

Time for an extended test on the Lord Racer. I’ll use the blade for two lots of four shaves and see how I get on with it.

Update: Ok So I really can not get on with this blades. I have tried 3 (of the 60 I bought) and find them rough, they make my face sore. I case it was me doing something wrong, I have gone back to a Dorco ST-300, and found it smooth and a great shave. This is my second attempt at using Lord blades, both times it’s not gone well.



Java – Lesson 1


  • import*;

  • import static java.lang.System.*;

  • import java.util.Scanner;

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