Wilkinson Gillette?


I bought ten blades and the razor from eBay for £5. The first shave was pretty good, a little rough maybe, but worth continuing with. The razor, though very similar to I had given up on, holds the blade at at good angle and is easy to use. For £5 including the blades, I don’t feel cheated!



Flying Eagle – a terrible blade!


I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting much, but this blade is possibly the worst one I have ever used! I shaved half my face, it felt like I was using a sharpened scrap of metal. I then switched to a favourite Astra Platinum, and couldn’t believe the difference, so smooth. Don’t waste your time on the Flying Eagle!

Rainbow Blade


Sorry, I don’t know anything about this blade, but I can tell you that it was rough! I shaved once with it, and didn’t want to shave a second time using it.