Shaving games

I recently switched back to using a traditional razor, but noticed that it’s getting harder to buy the blades in the shops. ebay offers hundreds of deals, but which should I use?

I bought a selection pack of obscure blades to see which give a good shave. For me, I expect a blade to last 4 days, 5 at a push. So if I can get blades at 20p each, that’s just 5p a shave.

Tomorrow I will be using a Lord Cool, which is a blade manufactured in Egypt.


I’ll report back on how I get on.

Update: Shave 1

While I was shaving, the impression I got was that the blade was adequate, but nothing special. It doesn’t glide quite as well as a more expensive blade, but I had a perfectly smooth shave with no nicks or weepers. It will be interesting to see how the blade holds up over the next few days.

Update: Shave 2

Today’s shave was better than yesterday’s. The blade seems to have worked itself in, giving a clean and easy shave.  I’m impressed.

Update: Shave 3

Ok, today the blade felt tired, and shaving was harder work, but it still gave an impressively smooth shave. Left me wondering if it will last for the 4th day.

Update: Shave 4

Today’s shave was smooth, but hard work. It definitely felt like the end of the blade – an easy 4 but not worth going to to try a fifth.


This is a satisfactory blade that I would happily buy at the right price. I would say that 15 pence per blade would be good, for 20 pence you could find a better blade. I got no cuts or nicks from the blade and got 4 smooth shaves – but the last 2 I had to work for.


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