Can you spot a bargain?

Yesterday I was shopping in Tesco. On my list was Decaf coffee, and I know that my son likes Kenco. I am busy, and I didn’t really want to have to spend a lot of time thinking about it, but when faced with the choice of either buying a jar or a refill pack, I had to stop and think!



Surely the refill pack for £3.00 was a bargain! After all, it is normally £4.99, almost a pound more than the jar. But I knew that the lid on our jar at home was showing signs of wear, so how much was I really saving by buying a refill? Was it worth replacing the jar?

I stood there doing the maths. I knew that the labels both said that it was £2.00 for 100g, but I was confused. Did that refer to the pre-discounted price? Surely the £3.00 for the refill pack would save me a pound?

No, the refill pack was 50g smaller than the jar, and pound for pound the two items cost the same, but one was explicitly marketed as a saving of £1.99 – and of course will run out quicker, bringing you back to the store for more “bargains” more often.

It’s time we took a stand and told our supermarkets that we are no longer prepared to be treated like that. We don’t have to give them our money!


Reflections from #TheBigIF

Labour Campaign for International Development

by Kirsty McNeill, LCID Advisory Board Co-Chair

The Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign held a rally in Hyde Park this weekend. Three things stood out as major highlights for me:

1)      Wow. Getting 45,000 people to take any form of coordinated political action is an extraordinary achievement, particularly in the face of austerity, deep public scepticism about politics and an increasingly fractured media market that makes it ever harder to have a genuinely national conversation about anything. This was not a mass mobilisation on the scale of Stop the War or the Countryside Alliance but hats off – the domestic charity sector would kill for a show of strength like this.

2)      At one point during the day the MCs asked people to shout if they had been in Edinburgh for Make Poverty History and again if this was the first thing like this they’d ever done. …

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